I take the thread of this day, weave it
into the endless cloth of my empty hours
this thread of sorrow, dyed with the silence
of your eyes, for they are silent now

will never speak to me or laugh in innocence,
cry with love, I take the thread of this day
weave it deep and strong, and I shall never
forget this moment as you walk away

you said that I would not drown in you
that days flow through the endless waves,
and that the surface of time is real and penetrable
but I will never understand how I arrived

in this timeless space, no north or south
no shore, only the endless undulating ocean
there is no surface here where time betrays me daily
abandons me transfixed into a dream

but it does not break me and I will not drown here
for I have dreamed of you, just forgotten
your form, you face, perhaps have passed you
many times have fought you, hated you, betrayed you

for I have dreamed you and will never learn
your name until until I know that I will not drown here
though we stand in opposition, this fragile thread 
between us breaking now but not forever

for I have dreamed of you, knowing that if I believe
believe in time believe in this endless stream of being
that you will be revealed as god or devil, lover, friend
and when we finally meet again I will be ready

to love you next time, next time to know you
won't run, won't turn my face, for you will name me
your voice weaving me inside you, weaving me
weaving this endless thread between us                    

(c)  2001 J.L. Stanley