Once a man passed her -
Come to me and be blessed,
he said and touched her face

I have too many journeys to fulfill
she cried and danced into the
million paths of hell...

this road leads to utter silence
this road leads to utter anguish
this road leads to never ending pain
this road bears dreamers down to hell
this road's never ending

She chose the never ending path
and wanders still

I'll know my soul when I find it
No purpose beyond the shadows on
the ground and the silent wind.
No pain, no pleasure, only stillness

find the path strewn with resignation
find the underwater path to heaven
find the still path to heaven

Can I imagine more than I dream?
...I was forsaken long ago
I stand before you unashamed,
unwanted and unclaimed.

(c) 1990 J.L. Stanley

The Underwater Path
Dionysus and Ariadne