Brittle woman empty of gods, singing without tears
Trudging deeper into the schizophrenic dream
Abandoned to infinity, you are shattered and bondless

The vision is your waking nightmare, you flee from
Chaos, the asymmetry of time and form, the utter
Randomness of light, the thousand-foot wave
Brittle woman barren and sad, it's time for you to fall

Come fall with me into the dark, for I am the destroyer
Mother, lover, knower of the ten thousand meanings
Of life and dreams and resurrection, come lie with me
In darkness, home of ecstasy and chaos

For here all things are whole and centerless
Here is fullness and warm wetness the fragrant openings
Of womb to life, the bridge between despair and heaven
The pulse and rise of the wave

For the end of infinity shall pour from your breasts
And your heart rend apart in the bloody birth,
An arc of being split open from the dream of time.

© 1990 J.L.Stanley
Resurrection of Eve
                                           'Don't stand with your back to the wave' - last words to a daughter