In Her Eyes

In her eyes
Her begging eyes
Voiceless she pleads,
Listen to me
I'm dying here
Don't pretend
Don't turn your face
If you hear me
I will never die.
Re-born into your heart
Carry me,
Oh, carry me
Forever, memories
Of this still moment
Don't run.
This fluttering hand
Last touch of life
This flash of sanity
Struggling to surface
Oh, carry me
Never forget me
Child of my body
Child of my dream.

(c) 2005 J.L. Stanley

in her eyes

in her eyes
begging eyes
speak to me
I'm dying here
don't pretend
don't turn
for if you hear me
I will never die

born into your heart
carry me
oh, carry me forever
until the hour
you follow me
into this still moment

no words
only eyes saw
heart understood
the fluttering hand
flash of sanity
to surface:
pass me on
never forget me
child of my body
child of love

© 2002 J.L.Stanley