Imagine Life

Imagine a dark night, not too dark
but dark enough to give an edge
of danger to the empty pathways and
deserted sand, where two lovers walk
protected by the night and the pale moon
only the waves know their secret shame
only the pale moon sees their furtive embrace
their love is water and moonlight

Imagine light rising in the distance
two lovers are walking into the dawn
holding hands in the open, laughing
in the light, proud and flushed with love
the day holds no fear for those lovers
who have no secret, no sin
they cross the open fields and the world rejoices
their love is earth and sunlight

Imagine death
there is no night or day
no shame or pride
no earth or sea
moonlight, sunlight
in death all lovers,
true or false
are ghosts
touch-less, heartless,
in a moment,
love becomes nothing

Imagine life
live it, devour it, drink
every sweet second
tomorrow is the illusion
there is no time
for hope or regret
for pride or shame
in moonlight, sunlight
your love is now, today
your dream is here with you
beside you, in you now
life is the dream

(c) 2008 J.L. Stanley