I am a daughter of dark forests
their roots travel thickly
through my veins
pulling me, entwining me
to deep earth places

© J.L.Stanley

Daughter of Antaeus*
In classical mythology, Antaeus was one of the Titans, the son of Gaia and Poseidon. He had superhuman strength, as long as his feet touched the ground. His undoing came when he fought Hercules, who lifted him off the ground and was able to kill him. Antaeus re-appears in Dante's Divine Comedy, where he carries the poets from the eighth to the ninth circles of Hell. Pliny relates that one of the family of Antaeus was chosen annually, by lot, to be transformed into a wolf, in which shape he continued for nine years. In Armenian legend it was a form taken by witches and warlocks who can also ride wolves.
Dolmen megalith - Southern Russia